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Keeping the past alive since July 12,1998.

This site is all about my passion for collecting, preserving and sharing television shows, movies and audio stories. Here you will find the many television shows, movies and audio stories that I have acquired over the last few decades. All of the items in my collection are available for you to exchange with me for your own collection. If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to ask and if I do not have it, I will do my best to try and help you find it. This is done for my own enjoyment as well as to help others expand their collection and as an opportunity to expand my own collection.

I will be updating this site frequently as I add to my collection, so, please check back often.

Trading Guidelines:


2. IMPORTANT: I do not do any forms of any digital trading. I do not use flash drives, USB sticks or Google Drive. I only provide physical DVD copies. I expect anyone that I trade with to provide the same.

3. If I have never traded with you before, we will send to each other at the same time. Due to a large number of requests and a busy schedule, please be aware that trades may require a waiting period. I cannot do PAL format DVD's. I only trade NTSC formatted DVD's.

4. IMPORTANT: All DVD's must use top brand names. (ex: Memorex, Verbatim), no generic DVD's. I trade either disc for disc or length for length - which ever is the easiest. I prefer and provide DVD's in LP mode (preserves good picture quality), however I will accept and provide other speeds as long they are in very good quality. I will only send your DVD's once I receive yours.

5. All DVD's will be tested on my DVD-ROM and DVD recorder before sending.

6. I prefer my trades to be nice, smooth, friendly transactions! If you have something that isn't on my wish list, and you don't see it in my collection, please let me know....I may be interested.

After reading this if you have any concerns or problems feel free to e-mail me, there has not been a time were I have not been able to solve any problems that arise. All my items are guaranteed against defects but not compatibility issues. They do not make DVD-R's, DVD+R's or DVD Burner programs that are 100% compatible with all home DVD players, it all depends on the brand name of your player. So for this reason, I cannot 100% guarantee that my DVD's will play in your home player. Sometimes a home DVD player depending on the brand will play all the title tracks, except for two. Most people will assume that this is a defective disc. Thinking if the other episodes played but one or two do not, their DVD player is compatible. THIS IS NOT ALWAYS TRUE! Some incompatible DVD players depending on the brand, play most of the tracks fine, but for some reason not all of the tracks will play. Always check the disc with your computer's DVD-Rom drive first before assuming the disc is defective after that then feel free to contact me with your problem. All of my DVD's are created the same way so each disc will have the exact same compatibility as the other.

Special Notes:

1. All of my shows are done as stand alone recordings.
2. They have been recorded from various sources.
3. Everything in my collection is COMMERCIAL FREE!
4. All of my shows are 8/10 in terms of quality, if quality is lower it will be specially noted.


1. These items are NOT regular studio releases of DVD's.
2. They are for "COLLECTORS ONLY"!
3. Be aware of any and all transactions.
4. Make sure your machines can play recorded DVD's.
5. Disc's provided are region 1 NTSC unless otherwise specified.


By visiting this website or making any requests, you are acknowledging the following statements:

1. You affirm that you are not working for any television or movie production studio, network or affiliated organizations. You are not employed by the government be it U.S or Canadian, affiliated agencies or any type of sub-contractor or independent agent. You are not a postal inspector. By e-mailing you understand that these transactions are collector to collector and any incidental costs that are involved are not for product or labor but transportation of said goods. No profit is made from my trading and is done only for mutual enjoyment, to help out others and the chance to expand my own collection. This site is not for commercial use.

2. You affirm that no action may be brought under this title alleging infringement of copyright based on manufacture, importation or distribution of a digital or analog recording medium or based on the non-commercial use of such a device or medium. No rights are intended, expressed or implied.

3. You affirm that if you view this site without agreeing to any of the above terms you are violating code 341.322.12 of the INTERNET PRIVACY ACT OF 1995 which means you cannot threaten my ISP or any other company hosting these pages, and you cannot prosecute any person affiliate with this site including family, friends, or anyone entering this site.

For any questions or requests please contact me directly at

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