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My Wants

Here are the shows that I am looking for:

All That
Alvin And The Chipmunks
The Nanny
Designing Women
Jake And The Fatman
Nash Bridges
Three's Company
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure cartoon
Barney And Friends
Camp Candy
Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels
Captain Caveman And Son
Casper And The Angels
Empty Nest
Trapper John, M.D
James Bond Junior
The Gumby Show (1957-1968)
The Gumby Show (1987-1988)
Unsolved Mysteries (Robert Stack era)
Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids
Garfield And Friends
Super Harlem Globetrotters
New Thunderbirds
Police Academy The Animated Series
Quick Draw McGraw
Yogi And The Invasion Of The Space Bears
Secret Squirrel
New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh
Welcome to Pooh Corner
Different Strokes
Love Boat
Fantasy Island
Jett Jackson
Biker Mice From Mars
Learning The Ropes
Smith And Smith
Me And Max (Steve Smith And Morag Smith)
Wayne And Schuster
The Beachcombers
Family Ties
Just The Ten Of Us
Under The Umbrella Tree
Wally Gator
Grape Ape
Mr. Dressup
The Friendly Giant
Mister Roger's Neighborhood
The Electric Company
Sesame Street
Goof Troop
Kate And Allie
Scarecrow And Mrs King
Popeye The Sailor Man
Hammy Hamster
Falcon Crest
Hamilton's Quest
Happy Castle
Ash And The Evil Dead
Catwalk: all of Season 2
Romper Room And Friends
Size Small
Size Small Country
Size Small Island
Circle Square
My Two Dads
Puttnam's Prairie Emporium
Bill And Ted live action show
Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?
Weird Science TV series with Vanessa Angel

Out Of This World: The eps I need are

Froggy Day In Marlowe Town
Bring Me The Head Of Donna Garland
Evie Goes For The Gold
Evie's Secret Admirer

Tales Of The Wizard Of Oz (Rankin/Bass): the eps I need are

Wizard's Magic Wand
The Great Oz Auto Race
The Do It Yourself Heart
Pony Express

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